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Financial/Insurance FAQs

From your initial phone call, your first visit, and all the way until you’re walking out the door with your next appointment set up, our entire team is dedicated to putting a smile on your face. We understand finances & insurance can be very complicated and confusing. Dental insurance can vary greatly from employer to employer. Our team has the knowledge, training & dedication to helping you navigate through the financial and insurance part of your dental experience. When you have questions, we’ll be here to help!


  1. Do you take my insurance?

    We will work with almost all dental insurance plans/companies.  Please call us at 518-785-3911 for specific information on your dental insurance.  Our business team will explain how your specific plan will help cover your child’s dental expenses.

  2. What types of payment do you accept?

    We accept cash, personal checks, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.  We also participate and accept Care Credit.

  3. What is Care Credit?

    We accept Care Credit as an option to cover your out-of-pocket amount for your child’s dental treatment.  Care Credit allows you to make affordable, monthly payments.  Please visit CareCredit.com for details and to apply.

  4. Will I receive an estimate on the cost of my child's dental treatment before their appointment?

    Our business team will present you with a financial estimate of the dental treatment our doctors have reccomended.  If you have dental insurance to help cover those costs we will also give you an estimate of your insurance coverage.  Please remember this is only an estimate and dental treatment may change during the treatment appointment.  There may also be changes in your insurance coverage, deductibles and yearly maximums.

  5. What if my children are covered by more than one insurance policy?

    Many of our families have dual insurance coverage.  In general, primary coverage is determined by which policy holder’s date of birth falls first in a calendar year.  Please inform our business team of your insurance information so they may explain how your specific plans will work to help cover your child’s dental expenses.