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New Office Opening In Schodack, NY

Where Smiles Grow is excited to offer our compassionate, innovative, and quality pediatric dental services in Schodack, NY! Our new location will offer the same outstanding pediatric dental services our patients have come to expect for more than three decades! So, we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves to our new community!

Who We Serve

With our new Where Smiles Grow office, comes new opportunities for our pediatric dentists to meet the growing families living in and around Schodack, NY. Our pediatric dentists look forward to helping children have the best possible dental experience. This includes children of any age and/or special healthcare or behavioral needs.

At our practice, you can feel safe knowing that your growing child will be receiving high-quality dental care. You also can rest assured knowing our pediatric dentists will provide you with the necessary information along the way, so your child has a lifetime of healthy teeth.

Because your child’s dental health is so important to us, we offer complimentary first-time dental screenings for healthy children up to 18 months old. After the initial visit with our pediatric dentists at Where Smiles Grow in Schodack, NY, the team will make a recommendation and plan for your child’s dental needs.

What We Offer

Treatments for every child
Where Smiles Grow in Schodack, NY provides regular dental check-ups to help your child’s teeth stay strong and healthy, in addition to a full range of restorative services, such as fillings, pulpotomies, and crowns.

We understand that children can be afraid of the noises or tools used at the dentist. In order to put them at ease, our team offers many treatment modalities to make these services easier for your child. Your child also has the option to watch a movie while the treatment is being performed in our specially equipped treatment rooms.

From our decades of experience, we know how little things like this can make a world of difference in your child’s dentist experience. That’s why our team consists of people who are experts in every aspect of the field of pediatric dentistry. From checking in at the front desk to the actual checkup, we aim to create positive experiences for your child.

Colorful, custom mouthguards You and Your Athletes Will Love

If you have a future Olympian or little athletes at home, we can also fit them with a custom athletic mouthguard for sports. Each mouthguard is custom fitted to your child’s mouth. Not only will our custom mouthguards fit better than ones bought in-store, but your kid will actually want to wear them because they fit comfortably (and they come in custom colors and inscriptions!).

From our years of experience, we know that having a mouthguard that fits is crucial in protecting the teeth, jaws, and soft tissue structures while playing sports. Without a mouthguard, accidents such as displaced and broken teeth, lacerations to the soft tissues, and jaw fractures occur much more frequently.

If your child plays sports in the Schodack, East Greenbush, Columbia, Bethlehem, Rensselaer, Avril Park, Sand Lake, or any other nearby towns, we’re here to provide them with the best mouthguard.

We’re more than happy to get your little athlete ready for a safe sports season! To get them into the team spirit, we can even put your child’s initials or roster number on the mouthguard and make it in your child’s team color. Go, team!

Schedule Your Appointment With Where Smiles Grow In Schodack, NY

Where Smiles Grow in Schodack, NY is now scheduling appointments! Give us a call at 518-785-3911 or request an appointment online today. We can’t wait to see all the new smiles in our new office in Schodack, NY!

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