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How to Help Children Overcome Dental Anxiety

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A trip to the dentist can cause significant anxiety and discomfort in young children. The key to starting a healthy relationship with dentistry and oral care is to start your children’s visits at a young age, and to introduce it with positivity and compassion! The younger children are at their first visit, and the more interactions they can have with their dentists, can help them form a better bond and gain a better understanding of what to expect.

Our best tip for helping children who are experiencing anxiety is to choose a pediatric dentist office that truly cares for them! When your child has someone who is able to understand their anxiety, talk them through it, and explain to them in a kind and compassionate way what they will experience, this can help to ease their worries about going to the dentist. Our Where Smiles Grow team has compiled our top tips to help children overcome dental anxiety below!

Create a Relationship Before Your Visit!

Oftentimes, the fear and anxiety surrounding dentistry is the fear of the unknown. We recommend getting your child acquainted with your dentist as much as possible before their first visit! At Where Smiles Grow, our team has devoted time to creating videos and fun downloadable activities online, so our patients are able to start building a relationship with us before they even get to the office. We have videos and photos posted on our website and social media for new patients and families to see happy patients having fun in our waiting room and in our chairs.

The next step is a trip to meet the team! Making their trip to the dentist fun and exciting is what will help them to form a positive relationship! Our friendly team is here to help you through your appointment with a smile! Our fun activities include: a kid friendly waiting room, cool sunglasses to wear during appointments, a TV playing movies during procedures, monthly coloring contests, and a bag of goodies and prizes after having a great visit!

Find a Specialized Dentist

Having a dentist that understands the way children think will help create a better experience which is key to forming a positive relationship. Not only is our Where Smiles Grow staff expertly trained in pediatric dentistry, but also early childhood development, behavior management, and child psychology. This helps to ensure superior quality care for all our patients, especially those with special needs. Our doctors’ training has allowed them to have a better understanding of how children think, and how to help them overcome their fears when necessary.

If your child suffers from severe dental anxiety or phobias, our team can discuss oral conscious sedation and hospital-based general anesthesia options as they may be applicable.

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At Where Smiles Grow, our experienced team members have advanced specialty training in order to provide superior quality care to all patients. All children deserve the opportunity to have appropriate dental care, and to feel supported and safe throughout their appointment. Where Smiles Grow has three convenient locations in Schodack, Latham, and Delmar; and we are currently accepting new patients! Contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment!